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Best answer: Blockbusters is Murder on the Orient Express Bookworm is Nathan Hill Classic Rock is Outside The Wall Country Music is Alan Jackson Get Your Game On is Kobe Bryant Healthy is The Placement of a Tube Into the Airway Sports is LSU Stocking Stuffer is Germany Super Hero is Will Arnett TV is Andrew Lincoln

Best answer: Tuesday December 11th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: after 9:25am: mountain 4:25pm: leather Back to work perk: Nat King Cole Blockbusters: Wonder Bookworm Trivia: Sweetbitter Classic Rock Challenge: Led Zeppelin IV Country Music Trivia: Old Dominion Get Your Game On: Ubisoft Healthy... show more

Best answer: Saturday December 8th Blockbusters: Kingsman: The Golden Circle Bookworm Trivia: Tales From A Not-So-Happily Ever After Classic Rock Challenge: 11 Minutes 22 Seconds Country Music Trivia: Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley Get Your Game On: Lincoln Clay Healthy Knowledge: Hematocrit Music... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Gym 9:25 B –Word: Fifteen Back to work Perk:Bing Crosby 4:25 B -Word: Gift : Blockbusters: Daddy's Home 2 Book Worm: The Giver Country Trivia: Speak to a Girl Classic Rock: 1969 Music Challenge: Fly Music Pop Quiz: Las Vegas Get your game on: World War II Healthy Knowledge:... show more

Best answer: Tuesday December 4th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: rest 9:25am: views Back to work perk: John Mellencamp 4:25pm: easy Blockbusters: The Emoji Movie Bookworm Trivia: Unlucky 13 Classic Rock Challenge: Cocaine Country Music Trivia: The Way I Talk Get Your Game On: Horizon Zero... show more

Best answer: No I'm not offended by it. Lol. If these people don't stop, soon there will be no tv, radio, or movies. Pc has gone way too far. Oh, and don't forget, no music either.

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Punch 9:25 B –Word: Whiskey Back to work Perk:Madonna 4:25 B -Word: Sour Blockbusters: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Book Worm: Allegiant Country Trivia: Unapologetically Classic Rock: 101st Airborne Music Challenge: Top Gun Music Pop Quiz: Canada Get your game on: Racing Healthy Knowledge:... show more

Best answer: Because instrumental music is cool.

Best answer: Blockbusters is Idris Elba Bookworm is A Time To Kill Classic Rock is Nude Women Country Music is Somebody Else Will Get Your Game On is Destiny 2 Healthy is Axilla Sports is Tampa Bay Super Hero is Quicksilver TV is Robert Ford

Best answer: Tuesday November 27th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: giving 9:25am: donate 4:25pm: present Back to work perk: Josh Groban Blockbusters: Cara Delevingne Bookworm Trivia: Zaphod Beeblebrox Classic Rock Challenge: Joni Mitchell’s House Country Music Trivia: Ring on Every Finger Get Your... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Cyber 9:25 B –Word: Deal Back to work Perk:Johnny Mathis 4:25 B -Word: Online Blockbusters: Emma Watson Book Worm: Flotsam Country Trivia: Outta Style Classic Rock: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs Music Challenge: Brilliant Disguise Music Pop Quiz: Kendrick Lamar Get your game on: Possum... show more

Best answer: B95.5 Back To Work Perk: use --- on mobile site

Best answer: Tuesday November 20th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: grocery 9:25am: mayhem 4:25pm: breakfast Back to work perk: Burl Ives Blockbusters: My Cousin Rachel Bookworm Trivia: The Lord Of The Rings Classic Rock Challenge: Traveling Wilburys Country Music Trivia: Adam Craig Get Your Game On: ... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Tinsel 9:25 B –Word: Think Back to work Perk:Eagles 4:25 B -Word: Beginning Blockbusters: Zach Braff Book Worm: Bernard Goldberg Country Trivia: Brett Young Classic Rock: Like a Rock Music Challenge: Land Of Hope And Dreams Music Pop Quiz: Alicia Keys Get your game on: HTC Vive Healthy... show more

Best answer: Most people do.

Best answer: Blockbusters is A Ballerina Bookworm is #1 Classic Rock is An Art Gallery Country Music is Kelsea Ballerini Get Your Game On is Subway Surfers Healthy is When You Are At Rest Sports is 10 Minutes Super Hero is Jon Favreau TV is Romeo And Juliet

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Yes 9:25 B –Word: Good Back to work Perk: Andy Williams 4:25 B -Word: Welcome Email bonus: Wish Blockbusters: 1955 Book Worm: Edgar Allan Poe Country Trivia: Carly Pearce Classic Rock: Michael McDonald Music Challenge: Holiday Music Pop Quiz: Sam Hunt Get your game on: Save Your Sister Healthy... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Viggo Mortensen Bookworm is Robert Frost Classic Rock is David Coverdale Country Music is Texas Get Your Game On is Finland Healthy is Ulnar Nerve Sports is Tristan Thompson Super Hero is Kingsman: The Golden Triangle TV is Nashville

Best answer: Tuesday November 13th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: milk 9:25am: riot 4:25pm: mid Back to work perk: Pink Blockbusters: Manchester by the Sea Bookworm Trivia: Helen Classic Rock Challenge: Montrose Country Music Trivia: Blake Shelton Get Your Game On: Ubisoft Healthy Knowledge: High... show more

Best answer: Black Friday is November 23 Blockbusters is Dwight Yoakam Bookworm is Margaret Atwood Classic Rock is A Bullfrog Country Music is Elle King Get Your Game On is 2019 Healthy is William Glasser Sports is Elina Svitolina Super Hero is Megan Fox TV is Attorney