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Let's see: They actively seek to ban abortion and dictate who people should love (i.e. same-sex couples). Trans people can't even serve in the military because of their "bible." I just want to live in a world where we can learn to love and coexist.

How to kill my self?

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I’m writing a book. How can I quickly kill my self? There’s no pills or anything, would going outside and getting hit by a car be the best option?

I’m 25 years old, is it too late to go to school to be a doctor ?

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Is "my eyes are made of rice." a metaphor?

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What is White privilege, and why is is a bad thing?

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Is 22 too old to be going to university to pursue a bachelors degree?

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Is this sentence correct?

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Whom do you admire?

Why are you liberals trying to force people to get medicare?

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You already forced people to have ObamaCare, this is ridiculous and it's wrong! Do you not realize you're making people be on government assistance? I will not pay for this. Medicare is for people who have LOW INCOME, and it's optional, why do you want the government to control people?

Why do americans hate obama so much currently?

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Do you still use the word ain't?

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Best answer: Yes, even though I have a degree in English and have been a professional writer, editor and teacher. I love using ain't for emphasis or sarcasm. It's just a fun little word! It can replace "is not," "am not" or "are not."

Hello, I'm writing an essay on why we don't need feminism?

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I've got alot of facts, why do you guys believe we don't need feminism. Im not trying to offend anyone so if you are offend, please go away, I don't wanna fight. Why don't we need feminism? Facts would be appreciated. Not needed tho

Best answer: Don't insult us by calling is vegan! The Good Book says meat is perfectly okay, even in Fridays. Why were you late for our last meeting?

What do the Welsh see in sheep?

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Best answer: easy sex