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I work in the automotive industry and I have a business plan similar to the place I work for already. Can I register a business name and start it up while still working for this company and then quit and focus on my business? Which will basically be the same business I m doing now but in my own name? I m in Ontario... show more

So, I make a small custom table with cantilever style folding brackets that work perfectly. I mount it to the wall as I would a tv, anchors and screws, everything seems fine. She calls a few weeks later, brackets became lose and not holding properly. I go back, reinstall with more substantial drywall anchors.... show more

Many years ago I created a corporation. I did it to help get business loans. Nothing at all came from it. Not even a business card. Now Indiana says I owe them for basically existing. Is that right? What am I being charged for?

Business Advice?

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Looking for business advice. I’ve been running a small business for a few years now. Nothing major just something for a little cash on the side. I am an Artist and What I do is draw & Paint pictures of homes by hand using google street view to help me. Then I give the painting/picture a basic frame and go back... show more

Am I being screwed?

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I like to think I’m working together with this company that gives me jobs to do. I charge them say 20$ for a pickup from a restaurant and they charge the company that I’ve picked up 40$ for the delivery fee plus whatever else the restaurant wanted. Am I being taken advantage of? Or is this dirty business?

So I’m 19 years old and I’m a cashier / waitress at a restaurant. I’ve been working here since I was 16 and have never had any issues with money missing. I make sure I count the change I give customers. I am not the only cashier who uses the cash register. Today when I was counting the register tonight before I was... show more

He's a licensed massage therapist and pilates instructor. A few months ago he had a brand new apartment. Painted a nice color, hardwood floors, incredibly clean and tidy. Brand new fixtures, looked like a show apartment it was so perfect looking and he was living there with his girlfriend. They had a large... show more

Best answer: i dont see why not

Best answer: Having enough customers/visitors that I could earn $1,200.00 per week.

We are a wholesale and retail area rug laundry near a major city. In 2018, we had about $20,000 in cash flow on about $130,000 in sales. I paid myself very little, $26,000. My two employees made in wages $21,000 each for about 1,800 hours. I put the cash flow back into the business in the form of equipment and... show more

I want something that has low investment, and this is reputable. Any help would be appreciated.

I work in a commission based job and I am one of the top sellers of the company. Some of my co workers have asked me how I manage to sell so much or how I close almost every sale I attempt. Is it wrong that I don't want to tell them how I do it? Is it wrong that I don't want to share how to be successful?... show more

How did you start your business?

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Best answer: I made a fabric dragon and wore it on my wrist at a SF convention. A dealer in the hucksters room said his wife had watched me all weekend and wanted the dragon would I sell it? I did ($25). A friend wanted to try selling at the next convention and we went in together as partners on the table. We sold $300 worth... show more

How to make a ton of mon?

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Best answer: prostitutes?

Best answer: Somewhere between $50 and $50,000. WHERE do you want to rent this "small dealership"?

Good business model?

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There's a 2006 Dodge Caravan that is very good shape, 96,000 miles, owned by neighbor, no body damage whatsoever, well kept. He's an older guy into classic sports cars and his wife has a 2017 Mustang, so he barely drives the van. He is selling it to me for $2,500. I was thinking of buying the van, and... show more

Best answer: ya but whos gonna make the food? and whos gonna like your food? I suggest starting a food truck on a college campus, ofcourse youll need their permission and have to give them part of the profits, but ull get good sales,If u can afford to start a business, it means you do have money saved up