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I've got alot of facts, why do you guys believe we don't need feminism. Im not trying to offend anyone so if you are offend, please go away, I don't wanna fight. Why don't we need feminism? Facts would be appreciated. Not needed tho

Or does Trump automatically win the primary election for Republicans and only runs against the chosen Democrat?

I'm writing paper about euthanasia. I need a section of the paper to be ethical issues (or something like that). I want that section to be a euthanasia patient donating their organs. Do you think that topic would work well in the Ethical issue portion of my paper? Can you give me your thoughts on why or why... show more

I have to do an argumentative essay and this is my topic. I was wondering if anyone had any resources I could use. No hate on PETA

I have a project assignment in English 3 where we are suppose to find several songs that demonstrate the American dream. I have a few in mind but they were recently made. Does anyone have any ideas? All genres, all different periods of time. Thank you in advance

Best answer: I know a few couples that met on dating sites and now they’re married. My husband and I love to FaceTime for a few minutes when we have a break at work or whatever. When I’m grocery shopping sometimes I FaceTime him to see if he likes something in particular. My family and I have a group chat where we sent funny... show more

I need to write an essay on this and I have no ideas because I don't want to sound rude :(

The date is currently the 15th of March, I have my first exam on the 12th of may, I haven’t done much revision and I remember a fair amount of stuff but not enough. I can’t remember anything off the Normans History topic. What can I do to pull it back and succeed? Is it possible? Any help appreciated thanks

Best answer: Q)A leap year is 366 days. What part of a leap year is 1 day? 1/366 What part of a leap year are 24 days? 24/366 ... the reduce to 4/61

Best answer: The object was to win the Electoral College. Not to win votes. If you play football, you don't win by having the most yards. You win by scoring touchdowns.

I need the plu codes for produce?

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