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What should I say?

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Best answer: < I got > < Asking for a friend. > Yeah, right. Ask them if you were adopted.

if I am 18

I skip school 1-3 times a week not because I don’t want to but because I physically cannot go. I’m getting therapy but it’s going a little too slow.

Best answer: in a socialist country, the dogma would require that all schools be government schools

Best answer: You need to bring this to the attention of your school counselors and the principal. Also discuss this with your parents. It is your school's LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to provide you a safe and nurturing environment where you can get your education. Apparently, this isn't happening. Talk to your parents, and... show more

Best answer: Because many students sit there like lumps and do not understand. All it takes is one brave student to say, "No" and the class will get the information presented so that everyone should be able to understand. For every student who admits to not understanding, there are about a dozen others in the same... show more

Both of those things are products of capitalism.

I don't know for sure if I'm left-handed, but it's my suspicion, and I'm not the only one who suspects that; I asked a question on the internet about handedness, and they suspected that I am left-handed, but just learned to write with my right hand. That leaves me with a question. Why? WHY did I... show more

Do these Marxist know that Marx lived in squalor and starved his children. Only three of his seven children even survived into adulthood. And let's touch in his hypocrisy. He claimed to be for the workers and wrote that factory workers were slaves. But he was supported by Engels, who, was wealthy from owning... show more

Best answer: U shouldnt work on a project with someone just because u fear they may get upset. Friend or not. Since u did all of the work, its really only fair for u to get the credit. Most teachers dont like it when students partner up on a project and only one person does all of the work. Because that would mean your friend... show more

Best answer: Quite often.

Hi! I'm in 10th grade, My main failing subjects are Biology Algrebra 1B English 2 I over time failed to do my work due to depression getting the best of me and the grades close as of March 14th 2019. I have about 30 pages of work to complete, and was wondering if anyone had advice, was willing to contact me and... show more

Best answer: First, I would try talking to your teacher and see what they say. It’s always a good idea to challenge yourself and give things your best shot! If it’s truly not working out for you try talking to your guidance counselor and see if you can switch to a different class (be it math or some other subject). I had a... show more