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Best answer: Clearly one reason for a low audience score is that many people are turned off by Brie Larson's SJW rants and using film to for such politically driven purposes. Rotten Tomatoes claims that people being influenced by this, rather than just the quality of the film constitutes trolling and such scores should be... show more

Best answer: I am going to boycott it because I am sick of all of this political crap. Can't we just have a superhero film that does not shove real world politics down our throat? This is why I'm boycotting Marvel all together and sticking with anime instead. You get no American politics in their shows (since they are... show more

What's your favorite movie?

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It's a tie between "The Green Mile" and "Almost Famous" for me.

Best answer: the jerk and groundhog day

What type of movies do you like?

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Best answer: 1. Night of the Living Dead 2. Planet of the Apes 3. The Birds 4. Jaws

Best answer: It depends on the animal and what it has been through. If an animal is suffering because it was beat by a human, it'll attack you. If a bird has been injured by another animal, it'll probably accept your help once it realizes that you're not a threat.

Best answer: It's not unheard of to cast people who look the part, even though they lack the ethnic connections in their DNA. Johnny Depp playing Tonto, Taylor Lautner playing a native named Jacob/Jake. An Italian can play a Spanish person, if the Italian can pass for a Spaniard.... a Jew can play a Greek (see Gal... show more

Best answer: The Unforgiven; The Outlaw Josef Wells; Hang em high. High Plains Drifter; The Good; The Bad and the Ugly; A few dollars more. and Pale Rider.

Best answer: Move somewhere that makes you happier