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Do you think Nicki Minaj is hot?

75 answers · Country · 5 days ago

Is "Back in Black" by AC/DC classed as heavy metal?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 1 day ago

Is 'the grass always greener on the other side'...?

8 answers · Rock and Pop · 17 hours ago

What is your favorite Metallica record?

10 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago

What unknown rock music do you like best?

16 answers · Rock and Pop · 5 days ago

What are some of the best songs from 1984?

18 answers · Rock and Pop · 5 days ago

What are the best Eminem songs?

10 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 3 days ago
Best answer: My Name Is The Real Slim Shady Lose Yourself Rap God The one he did with Ed Sheran

Do you like my profile pic?

6 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 21 hours ago

Led Zeppelin Or Queen?

30 answers · Rock and Pop · 7 days ago

Best answer: Tough. In my book it's Abbey Road Revolver s/t White Album tough to leave out Rubber Soul and Sgt. Peppers

Peor say I'm gay for listening to elton John's music?

10 answers · Rock and Pop · 4 days ago
Why is that?

Best answer: I would recommend Freddy Mercury and the band Queen.

Do I have to take lessons to learn the piano?

4 answers · Other - Music · 18 hours ago
Best answer: There are people who have done as you describe so it would be silly to say it's impossible. It's unlikely though. Taking lessons from a good teacher is the easiest, surest way of succeeding. Otherwise, if you're lucky, you might manage to play a few fairly simply things on the piano by basically being... show more

Are the Beatles and Rolling Stones overrated?

15 answers · Rock and Pop · 6 days ago
I think more and more people are starting to feel most of their songs were pretty bland and they are more respected rather than really liked. Because they were the first big bands out of the gate and there was nothing to compare them to

How am I losing breath while rapping?

13 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 5 days ago
I use to go for a long time and then all the sudden I'm losing breath