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Best answer: I agree with you, the world needs to be good, peace, love and vegan.

What is the meaning of life ?

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Do you just accept your vision of reality? Or do you continue to ask questions that will never be answered? I swear to god I’m sober I’m just confused about society and why we follow rules we are raised on, why we believe what we believe, why why why 😰

Is good and bad subjective ?

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Makes sense, not everyone sees everything the same. Do what thy will is basically what reality. Reality don't care about good and bad. But can you live without believing good and bad ?

How do we know philosophy is real?

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Best answer: you need more but i guess we don't

Best answer: I kinda relate. The way I try to deal is to change my outlook. Chores suck but at least they give me exercise and something to do that keeps me preoccupied from all the things that depress me. The way I motivate myself is by listening to upbeat music while I am performing some odious task so that I at least feel... show more

Best answer: No thanks.

in your work in your family in your friends in your body in your religion should we cut our rotten toe off..?

Best answer: No it isn't. You know exactly the same more or less. It is true that the older you get the more you forget and that what you remember becomes less important. It is true that the more you know the better perspective you gain on how what you know fits into the overall scheme of things, and that's when you... show more

Best answer: In about a few hundred million light years from now I may be trying to find the way to create it all over again without all the hate and violence. Even if it never existed, I would want to make it exist. Why? Because I can think of nothing better to do. I probably should just move on and forget it. But the... show more

Best answer: Russia. They dropped all visa requirement for all Mexicans.

Many people say that there will be reincarnation or another dimension after death. I don’t know what will happen after the real death.