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How to recover lost time?

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Not hours but years, you can start over?

How to recover lost time?

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Best answer: Libet's position re his research findings is that the research is inconclusive re question of volition. Specifically, the "readiness potential" discovered by Kornhuber in 1964 was believed by Libet to permit a 350 ms period between no-preplanned movement RP and volitionary modification of said RP;... show more

My teenager is talking and learning too much philosophy about life and desires [and he seems to be acting according to it] but I am worried about his future and career, What can I do / can't do as a parent?

Like do I exist even though you don't see me?

From Ancient Greece or from other time periods like Kierkegaards for example.

Is there a objective measure of beauty or is it all relative to the human mind?

Was Parmenides right or wrong?

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Are humans rational or no?

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Best answer: Quee Nelson's "The Slightest Philosophy," Tom Morris' "Philosophy for Dummies."

Best answer: Depends somewhat on the type of energy you're seeking to model. You'd likely find dependent variables governed by independent qualities. Math descriptions of the dependent variables would be primary equations. You'd likely have boundary conditions described in equations. You might have an initial... show more

Best answer: Descartes negated "everything" ~ unto the realization that "I am negating;" thus he could not negate the "I am" of his "I am negating," hence "he am." The "affirmer" or "positer" of "there is nothing" therefore learns from Descartes... show more

Do things change all the time?

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Best answer: Motion = change. All things are in motion constantly, both cosmically and sub-atomically. Nothing in existence is at absolute rest.

Are good and evil opposites?

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Best answer: I understand evil is corruption of what God made. It is not just acts, the acts are there because the nature of corruption is there. And if I have this right, we are all corrupted, which is one reason why I stand against legalistic Christians so frequently. They seem to want people to think they are able to be less... show more

Well really I'm suprised that I couldn't find articles on this thought I had.. What if... there really was a different breed but exactly same looking humans that rules the world and were much more developed from the beginning, and they created us for whatever (?) reason to live in a same looking copy world... show more