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Best answer: There is a big difference in playing vs reading about playing. There is also a big difference in playing a person who doesn't know how to play vs playing someone who is very skilled. Reading is a great way to build your skills, but you can't perfect those skills without actually playing an opponent who... show more

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of a good fortune is in want of a wife." VS It is well known that a rich man wants a wife. Are English majors useless?

Best answer: The difference between fantasy and reality is more important than you think.

What is a great book to read?

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Can you post for criticism?

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Best answer: This isn't the best place to request criticism for a few reasons: 1) There are a few very bitter, arrogant people who will go out of their way to discourage you. 2) Harmless comments like “it's amazing” from people who just drift into this section but know nothing about writing or the craft 3) Trolls –... show more

Best answer: I'm a Christian and I get up to all kinds of naughtiness. Whatever.

what does that mean and how do I get her to stop :(

Best answer: Absolutely true. The publishing industry *says* it want diversity, including racial, but when authors of color (or any type of "other-ness") submit manuscripts that aren't about being black (or "other"), publishers don't buy them. Why? Because the book-buying public doesn't want... show more

My chapters for my novel idea tend to be on the shorter side, as in 4 to 6 pages long. I know some writers write 10 to 14 pages in a chapter, but my chapters tend to end up shorter. My book will have a lot of events in it going on... but is it ok for the chapters to be short? I don't want to drag it on forever... show more

Help with my story plot?

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I'm writing a story for my creative writing class and I'm pretty stuck. The basic idea is that a thief has to steal a priceless artifact in return for being reunited with his brother, who he thought was killed by gang members 18 years earlier. I've gotten to the point where he's stolen the artifact,... show more

It should be impossibly hard, right? But movies and stuff make it seem kinda easy. I'm not trying to break into any museums yet, I'm just writing a book

How to write a slap scene?

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I'm writing something where the four year old main character gets slapped by her father without seeing it coming. It's third POV. I don't know how to describe the scene.

I am writing a book and I’m making the main character Jewish. I personally am not Jewish I need lots of help. Please answer the question above and if there are any other things that you feel most authors get wrong in books about Jews please let me know that too

Where can i download free ebooks?

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I’m a massive fan of fantasy books and haven’t read a good vampire novel in so long so looking for some decent recommendations . I’m 22 so don’t want anything too teeny or aimed at a younger audience . Thanks!

as people discover it, and there is no need to promote it?

Best answer: This is it! by Alan Watts I only gave one but I think you should look into Alan Watts. He's a great philosopher who lived from 1913-1973 but his works are often used today. What he speaks about are things that make you appreciate what you're given and he makes sense of things that had dark clouds... show more

Best answer: Just say briefly what sex and age they are, maybe a mention of how they're dressed, or what their hair is like. No need for anything else.