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Which vehicle should I upgrade to?

14 answers · 3 days ago
I am on the market for a vehicle but not super new. I've been trying to decide on whether or not to purchase one pf these 3 vehicles but I can't properly decide. they are all 2004 models... The Chevy 4 door Blazer, The Ford Escape, and the Nissan Pathfinder. in a vehicle I look for dependability, good gas... show more

If you filed for bankruptcy recently?

What should I buy with $40k?

8 answers · 2 hours ago
I want to buy something but idk what

If they are worried it will bounce, they can call the bank while I am sitting there and ask if I have enough to cover the check.

They always lie on their ads saying it’s a perfect, no accident car until you check the carfax and its been in multiple accidents and was just sold at auction. Are all arabs lying **** sellers? Literally every Arab I’ve dealt with has lied about a previously damaged car.

I have 2018 Honda vehicle. My lease will be up in Jan 2020 is there anyway I can get out of my lease early or find a loophole in the contract ?

When renew the registertation ill be asked to pay . Im selling my car so why pay it?

At first I thought CarMax sounded like it might be a good way to find a quality used car until I read many customer's reviews. Carmax claims they inspect all their vehicles and weed out ones that have major damage or serious problems. Some people who claim to have worked for them said it's not true they... show more

Ive been for a year now and wanna return it. Will i get the equity i own? Also is there a way to not pay the late fees?

Best answer: Suggestions: 1. Negotiate on the price before mentioning how you're going to pay for it. Don't let them start on that topic until you've come down to a price you like. Once you've come to a decent price then talk about how you're going to pay. 2. Get a preaproved loan. I've gotten much... show more

I want a small car that is fairly fun too drive and not too bad on gas. What would you recommend?

How to ask for a company truck?

6 answers · 20 hours ago
I just bought a preowned 2017 mustang that had 16000 mile on it. shortly after i bought the car the company gave me an opportunity for a different position. i took it but it requires driving to construction sites every day. ive driven over 5000 miles in 3 months. they've paid me about $1700 in that time because... show more

So I want to buy a 2019 Honda Accord hybrid. I’m 27 years old and this will be my first time buying a car without my parents by my side (maybe I should have mom come?). My credit score is around 700 and I was just wondering where is the best place to take out a car loan. I bank with suntrust currently. My last car... show more

I want to buy a used bmw 3 series under $20,000. Because im too cheap to spend $40k on a new one because i like to change my cars every know and then anyway. I will probably sell it in a year or two anyway. But i have heard people saying they are endless money pits. Is that true?