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Here's a theoretical situation: Let's say someone saved up $14,000 in cash and went to a dealership to buy a $20,000 MSRP car. Do you guys think that the dealership would take that? It's a really big discount but I feel like if they saw all that money in one place, it would make them at least... show more

Best answer: Yes, if you pay cash. However, you aren't old enough to buy insurance, which means you cannot register the car, which means you cannot drive it.

Best answer: Better for Whom, How? Better for the dealer and manufacturer, yes. Better for you if you can afford it and cant do routine maintenance. Better as it has the best warranty a car can have. Better as less worries of a breakdown. Worse as a new car depreciates 50% in 3 years. And, often a new model doesnt have... show more

I just went on and the offer for them to take the car was a whopping $200. I had an Audi not even turn on but was offered $600 for that. Horrible purchase on my part as a first time car buyer... The seller doesn't want to cancel the sale, unfortunately. So I'm stuck with whatever I can do with... show more

Ok I have a problem I know! I have a 2017 Ford Escape base model. Nothing wrong with it i got it 2 years ago and it barely has 21 thousand miles. But I see fancy cars newer cars and financially I’m making bank compared to 2 years ago. I really want to trade but I know it’s bad as my loan was terrible and I financed... show more

I live in Canada where we have very bad winter conditions. I need to drive home to work and back to home. The summer is hot but short. we have longer winters. What car do you suggest me to buy and from what brand?

Best answer: Dealers have much better selections and one stop shopping. Individuals should have lower prices. You need to have the sense to make sure the seller has the title in hand at the time of sale and not everyone does. They pay without getting the title and their life is complicated because of it. Dealers are bonded so... show more

Hello I am thinking about buying a car with monthly payments so I can improve my credit what are some things to look out for so I don't get bamboozled

Best answer: They roll that $6k into a new loan. That's what they're hoping. Then ask $5-6 in the lot. Check Kelly Blue Book and find out what your car is worth.

Where can I sell a car seat??

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Best answer: 1. Lower the price & wait. 2. Pawn Shop. 3. Take it to a flea market and offer it to multiple sellers. It has some value but out of the box and the fact that a reseller wants a profit you might be lucky to get 1/3 of what you paid. I bought & sold cars for many years. Some sold in a few weeks, others too... show more

Any suggestions welcome !

i currently drive a 70s honda motorcycle.i put 400 into the bike got new tires, chain sprockets brakes an a battery i pay about 200 a year for insurance and the bike cost about 1200. Im looking at would a car be cheaper to operate. I can buy a older toyota camry for 2k with 170k miles an insure for 100 a month... show more

Every time I do a search online, search engines get biased towards new cars. There isn't a lot of info offered on old cars. There's plenty of decent red convertibles in the 2k-5k market. I even found a decent Corvette got 4k that was ready to go. However, what cars would be a good first car for a short... show more

New car buying?

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I am looking at new cars. 3 of them will be completely redesigned in 2020. I hate to buy a car that will be outdated in 9 months. BUT, people are still buying this years models... everyday.. Do they not know, think about it or care??? Thanks.


Best answer: A used car bought from a private seller is always an "as is" sale, with no warranty. The seller guarantees nothiing and he's not obligated to guarantee anything. The seller might tell you that he only drove the car to church on Sunday and it runs fine; but in truth the car might be ready to fall... show more

Best answer: crossover

Title Loan with Deceased Person?

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My dad passed away almost two years ago, and he had title loans under two cars. One car was mine, but the title was under his name, so I can't get the car(s) back unless we pay the debt, in which we cannot afford. My question is, is there a way around the title loan if the carrier of the loan is deceased? If... show more