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Best answer: How smooth an electric bus is depends largely on the driver. But most electric vehicles are far more quiet compared to a gas or diesel powered vehicle.

In actuality, the drivers are just taxis and they put 5 to 6 times of "taxis" than before

Hey, I get really confused by some of these signs The one attached in particular I have no permit Can I park all day Sunday? Also, can I park at 12pm on a weekday for the rest of the day without a permit? By the time I could ask a traffic warden it'd be too late Cheers

Is Uber safe?

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Best answer: Uber is tracked - so there ll be a record of the journey, the driver etc. If you re worried, let someone know you re doing the journey by Uber - then in the incredibly unlikely event that anything happens, it ll be easy to track back. (Given this; it would be hugely risky for an Uber driver to do anything)

Best answer: When heading west on what ever road you are on when you get to 65th street making a right turn is north. When a road sign says north and you're driving north the house addresses get bigger. Wisconsin Avenue is probably the road that divides north and south. The east and west center road is water street dowtown.

I also would like to know if I can sleep in it when parked on my property that own down the the street two houses down to be exact.I would like to park on my property so I would not block traffic. I love how the look so I want to get my self one as a a daily commute to work. Please and Thank you

Best answer: I've never been robbed on the NY subway. I've been pick pocketed on the Paris Metro. Frankly I don't find the Paris Metro that much nicer/better than NYC Metro. I've never been to Moscow, but my understanding is that the Moscow subway is the gold standard.

Best answer: You're making a judgement based on people's income which may be out of their control. You can be broke at any age bro. No shame in it.

Which has right of way?

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If you're at a 4 way stop. 2 cars that are facing toward each other make a stop at the same time but one of them has to turn left. Which has right of way?

Is it worth driving for Uber?

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I just finished my first weekend driving for Uber, after a brief experience of using Uber App as a driver I am kind of confused of whether is it even worth driving for Uber. This weekend I drove in a medium sized metropolitan area so I didn't really get any opportunity to drive in surge areas besides 1 trip (I... show more

In my state you typically have to turn into the closest lane going in your direction, but the line stays solid and white up until my turn.

I am 15 years old and I would like to take an Uber or Lyft to visit my boyfriend. I have the money, but I am wondering if I am even allowed to ride in one by myself. Any helpful answers are welcome!

Best answer: Three drunks who vomited on the seats and threw bottles at the staff on a train. The train was then delayed 20mins at a station, waiting for the police to come to arrest them.

Best answer: You should be okay. Key words: Should be. That distance-to-empty indicator is a mathematical formula, which means it's a cheap computer's best guess. I've gone past the zero mark in various vehicles more than a few times (but only a few more), and I haven't run completely out yet. None of those... show more

Best answer: a) Find out how much that commute will add to your car insurance. Your chance of being in an accident goes way up for that type of commuting. b) No car will get good mileage in heavy traffic. You will NOT average 25 mph. You will probably get closer to 20. c) If you spend an average of 1.5 hours or more per day... show more

My friend and I are road tripping up to NH (roughly 4 hours to and back) and she’s driving! How much should I offer? Thanks.