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Best answer: Did the little piggy cry wee, wee, wee, all the way home?

Question about Avis and fueling?

8 answers · 21 hours ago
I was wondering if I am responsible for paying for all the fuel during my rental period per my account. I'm not supposed to keep all the receipts to show for getting reimbursed when it's time for me to return the car?

I bought a car but I haven't transferred the title in to my name. The seller did file Release of Liability in to my name. So if I insure it will it be covered in an accident even though I haven't transferred the title?

This lady claims that it is a 50/50 fault however my car was was positioned only slightly out of my parking space and stopped in that position for at least a minute while I was letting my friend get out since the cars beside me were parked too close. It was only after my friend was out of my car when she backed out... show more

Can you get all letters or all numbers on a license plate or do they have to have numbers and letters? I've always wondered, and I've tried looking that up online but havent gotten a straight answer.

Best answer: Your dufus "brother" (actually, you) is very lucky -- really. You're only going to get two tickets (driving without insurance and following too closely) and have to pay for all the damages to both vehicles. It could have been much much worse. You could have caused a major accident in which an... show more

Was this a hit and run?

9 answers · 4 days ago
I was Backing into a space at a grocery store, a car was pulling in the space behind mine, but only she kept pulling toward past her space for mine, i cut My wheel and backed to the space next to it. She continues straight while I’m backing up so we park right next to each other. Now i didnt Feel us hit but in the... show more

Best answer: I pay about $2,000 per year. Does that help? I doubt it. Your rates will depend WHERE on the planet you live. In some places it does depend on your zip code. you rate depends on WHAT car model you drive. The rate is higher for models that have more expensive repairs, get stolen more often, Suggest you go to... show more