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I am planning on buying a 2015 Ford Focus, and I am wondering about how much insurance will be, if I add to my parents policy. Every insurance cost calculator needs too much information, and I just need a ballpark answer such as 150-200. I would like to compare full and minimal insurance costs.

Best answer: Because you was already OVER DUE - then YES, it still applies. You used the vehicle for two more months on an expired registration. HOWEVER, since you totaled the car, you will be able to get a refund of some of the fees back since you will not be using the plate for a full year. To avoid further legal... show more

Okay so im 23 and I got into a accident where I rear ended a lady, we were at a traffic stop and it was turn right on red and I looked over to see if there were any cars coming, I looked back and I hit her car, problem is I dont have insurance and I dont know what to do, she didnt sustain any injuries and told the... show more

Mine is only going to lapse for 3 days. What will happen?

I provided receipts and their argument was I didn't report my mods to my insurance when I got my policy. I didnt take my mods off because my initial adjuster from my insurance told me not to and didn't authorize the storage company who had my car to let me do so. That adjustor retired and now the new ones... show more

My vehicle was struck by a hit and run driver. Well the car was worth 8,500 before accident. I still owe about 8,000 on the auto loan. Damages are estimated at 9,300. I know its a total loss at this point. The policy pays out max of 10,000. What i want to know is will the insurance company send the check for the... show more

I co signed for someone 2 years ago, turns out the car is in my name. I want to put it in theirs. How do I do so? They are still paying it off for the next 3 years.

I got a letter in the mail saying they’re going to suspended my registration for no insurance. If my registration gets suspended will my license also get suspended. I cant afford insurance on my car. It’s over $400 for me being 19. I dont drive my car but I do drive my sisters.

Car insurances?

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Hi mid last year (2017)my girl friend use my car to go to school one day, i em under my mothers insurance and she has a car herself. My girl friend left for school and later that day came home like usual , 3 weeks to a month later my insurance company said that someone is accusing my girl friend of hitting their... show more

Best answer: If your state requires a title for a 49cc moped then the seller will have to furnish you with a title. A bill of sale is not worth the paper it is written on if you don't also have a title. No title = no buy

Why is a CA license required to work?

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I just moved to California, and I am looking for a new job. Every job I look at, requires a California drivers license. Why isn't my out of state license good enough?

Best answer: No...they should get more of a fine because they are not drunk and still caused an accident when they know damn well it's illegal in most States to text and drive.

I need help with this information?

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So I just paid my restoration fee on my license do I get a new license sent to me or do I keep the one I have??

Best answer: I bumped the guy ahead of me and get a little dent on the bumper. Backing out of the university garage and turned so the front panel hit the concrete pillar and made a huge dent. At a red light, I thought I was too far ahead so I backed up and hit the car behind me. Sister turned into a parking space and the car... show more

I hear it’s because even though women cause more crashes, men cause more severe crashes. It’s still seems unfair to me though.