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I’ve read that we have about 50 years before we run out of oil. So what happens to gasoline and what the hell can cars run on when they disappear? What can every vehicle run on that’s not gasoline ?

Have you ever thrown a rod?

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Best answer: Sure, take the vehicle to the shop and let them diagnose it. When they tell you what the issue is, decline the repair and take the vehicle. Just be aware that you will be charged for the diagnosis. Many shops have a set rate for this, such as one hour labour for example.

Only buy cars with timing chains, correct?

Best answer: Go to n auto parts store and have them test battery and charging system for you. it's a free service they offer.

Does premium gas make a difference?

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Best answer: The higher the octane the faster the fuel burns. The less power you get from it so lower fuel millage but faster acceleration. More power from low octane fuel better for steep grades & hauling. Better millage. I do add about a 1/4 bottle of fuel line cleaner to my vehicle a month. But I live 3rd world. Dirt... show more

I need new tires for my 2006 Impala but I don t know much about tires. I need some reliable tires that will provide good grip and everything for a low price. What are your recommendations?

What's wrong with my car?

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I did an oil change on my car. I put the o ring I believe what called on too tight. Putting it in tight made some oil leak. Anyways oil went on the fan down on the bottom and I think some on the alternator. I was driving when I car starting shaking a little bit. I got a red battery light signal that was blinking.... show more

Tire damage, cosmetic or hazard?

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Repair guy just told me this is cosmetic but looking at the depth and size I'm not sure about that. Would really appreciate 2nd opinions I'd hate for this thing to blow especially since it's in front.

First time buying a car, bought the Jeep Cherokee because I hear all the time how reliable they are. Bought it yesterday for a really good price, but now I'm concerned about a couple things. Here's what's concerning me about the car. (Everything I've noticed so far.) -AC seems to blow cold but not... show more

something was missing. Does the shop have any reponsibility?

Would you write my car off?

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Best answer: In answer to your question, no I wouldn't write it off, I'd repair it but sadly I'm not the one making the decision. Luckily though, neither is the bloke from the garage cos you know it's always clouds & rain for some of those guys so wait and see what the insurance company say. Who's... show more

she gives me unnecessary instructions because she's scared. she feels i'm coming onto a turn too quickly, and she'll start panicking and yelling at me to brake. it makes me stressed out. how can i correct this??