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Best answer: Follow all the rules, pass the written test the first time, practice driving a LOT and when allowed pass the driving test. Can you speed up the process? Hell no.

Best answer: No one issues tickets for spilling gas unless you have a barrel of it and you dump it on the road

Say the car is advertised to be $15,000. Now of course, there are fee costs say let's just say the fees are $500. So now, the total cost is $15,000. Assuming $0 down, Is the car monthly payment based on $15,000 or $15,500??

I bought a car and they gave a 60 day tag that had double sided tape on the backside of the plastic holder, I went to the tag office and they gave me a temp tag and it took forever pealing that tape off by finger, so I'm wonder what's the best thing to use to take the tape residue off after my tag comes in... show more

Tips for a new driver?

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My first lesson of drivers training is next week and I’m very nervous. But also excited. Im happy I’ll have more freedom to go places and even work opportunities. But what do I do about going places with friends? In California the law is that for the first year of your license you can’t drive with any unlicensed... show more

Best answer: In my opinion, all the densely populated cities should develop subway systems so that people will be more convenient to go to work.

Running a red light?

5 answers · 2 days ago
so i accidentally ran a red light and almost ran into another car but i swerved out of the way in time and no one got hurt. what should i do? from what i have read online i know i should be expecting a ticket, is there anything else that i should worry about?

I’m taking my drivers test in PA soon and my car has a 360° view camera. I was wondering if I could use that camera to assist me while taking the test, such as for parallel parking.

im going to LA by car and will probably end up going through death valley but im not sight seeing, just driving straight through and the highs for the day are gonna be about 64 degees ive heard your car is more likely to break down do to the heat and because its below sea level but ive really kept up with the... show more

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive 2015 Gasoline free Do not need solar, but rechargable. No gas generators!!!! I want to run in in my trunk when I’m shopping etc...

Why don’t cars rust in Texas?

11 answers · 7 days ago
Best answer: I’ve seen to Texas and they do rust

Nervous to drive alone, any advice?

15 answers · 1 week ago
I got my driver's license last year, and I just brought a used car today. I drove with other people mostly family. I really want that independence of driving by myself, but I'm anxious.

That could be the ultimate accident prevention. They really need to consider expanding that amusement park ride into the real thing.