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Is the only point of life insurance to have a proper burial? I could care less about a tombstone, I'm not going to be around to look at it. It seems that money spent on Life Insurance would be better spent paying down debts or saving up for purchases.

Best answer: Send the agent a letter.

When I log into Credit Karma or Equifax I can see my old employers there. I have about $15,000 in debts that do show up. My goal is to save that amount by March 2020. I want to be able to have the amount of cash on hand in order to settle with these collection agencies. I have a couple concerns. My fear is I will... show more

Did I have health insurance orrr?

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First job and first time doing taxes guys so please help me outttt. If they take medicare out your check does that mean you had health insurance? On my tax paper it says they took 211.69 out of my check for medicare tax. So I don't know if i had it or not

Do I need life insurance at 58??

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I'm 58 married-both kids adults and working full time. With are close to owning the house free and clear-worth about $600,000. My wife has a great career and a nice 401K and a great job, she is 53. My term life has expired and she wants me to get another policy- for about $400,000.I don't have much in... show more

Best answer: The GOP has never had the interest of their supportbase in mind. Ever. They let their states fall into poverty, pander to the rich and boast a corruption rate NINETY TIMES that of Democrats. That's 9000% MORE corruption that the Democratic party. Even their supposed 'conservative youth' advertisement... show more

My dad went to prison in 2012 because he had molested me on and off pretty much throughout my entire childhood and adult life until then and I finally got the courage to tell someone when I was in behavioral health at the hospital in 2012. He was released from prison in 2017 and was in a nursing facility, but... show more

The insurance that I share with my mom has a $3000 deductible, meaning that I have to pay for everything out of pocket until I reach $3000 and it resets every year.

I have an appointment at the hospital cause I recently found out I was pregnant. Well my health insurance card (the only one I can find) is expired. I have health insurance that is current just not a current card. Can I use the expired card or do I have to use a card that is up to date?

I’m looking for health insurance that works the same as Medicaid, nothing out of pocket, covers everything that Medicaid would, I don’t care how much it costs, I just want to pay a once monthly fee and not worry about deductibles or whatever

I am 21, but am still under my parents' health insurance plan. I contacted the insurance company to see whether or not the policy holder is able to see if and what medications I was prescribed. The response I received was that, despite being under my parents' plan, that information can be viewed only by me,... show more