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Ok not entirely risk free but if you buy stock from NASDAQ company (or the company that owns it) then you have much less risk than all the other listed companies because for nasdaq stock to fail will undermine the whole stock exchange and the authorities won’t let that happen? Surely the stock is practically... show more

Is $50k alot for a 19 year old?

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Best answer: Apple or Amazon Remember money makes money

I am hoping to have returns high enough to live a good luxurious life w/o touching the principal. Maybe dividend paying stocks, bonds, real estate. What else is there?

Best answer: Some people think that the only way to succeed is to 'work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone', and cannot conceive of 'working smart and keeping your eye out for opportunities'. You work smart and keep your eye out because you are smart enough to know that if you work hard with your nose... show more

I invested in some random stock that BLEW UP. I literally did zero due diligence

Are mutual funds worth the time?

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Best answer: Mutual funds protect you from the damage that can occur if you put all of your money into too few investments - too many eggs in one basket. Your money is spread out and unless you are into a targeted sector mutual fund, its performance will probably mimic the overall market to some degree. And the overall market... show more

Best answer: If in the U S I would just suggest you preserve the money in a bank account. {We have what is called a CD - Certificate of Deposit - where one can commit their money for 2 years and be paid 2.5% interest - which is good ("...") right now in the U S.} Or, for you, can you start a small business?? Good luck.

Best answer: ROTFL. Your decimal places are way off. $3000 in a dividend paying stock may kick off $10 a year.

Stock in Bank?

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Stock tax question?

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Best answer: Yes, because if you don't, the IRS will assume the sale amount was all profit. I was 10 years behind and they said I owed them over $1 million. When i got done, I owned maybe $8000. Don't get a tax lien over something simple to file.