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Best answer: That is idiotic. Kids need: 1) Parents/adults to model wise financial behavior; 2) Parents/adults to teach them about financial management; 3) Parents/adults to teach self-discipline and responsibility. They do not need manipulation or trickery. They need to understand the facts and consequences for their... show more

Best answer: It is normal.. Verification purposes..

Is $17,000 good in bank at 17?

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Best answer: Probably.not.

Best answer: All of these other answers could not be more wrong. Literally 100% of them are so very wrong. I know exactly what site you are even talking about. I have actually been doing exactly this and no overdraft ever. The rest of these answerers are straight up LIARS.

Best answer: 500K isn't all that much if you find yourself in a long term care facility due to a chronic illness. Good health can change quickly and 55 is relatively young, so that statement doesn't mean much. I'd be inclined to find a hobby that can be turned into part time employment that will pay for "fun... show more

I brought my house cash but I have some debts I want to settle like credit cards, student loans etc. I also want to furnish my home and automate it.

How much will my full check be ?

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so I just started a new job and I got my first check today I will be getting 1,200 semi monthly but I got a check today for only $447 and I worked 2 full weeks already so I checked on my employee account and it said regular pay $1,261.67 what does that mean is that how much I will be getting on my next check ?

Is a 401k taxable?

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What is the limit you can use from the 401k? Will you be taxed or penalized? Will you have to pay it back to your 401k?