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He wants me to sign the lease and move in with me... doesn’t want to get a lease together

would i still need to pay for their mortgag if i got their house when they die?

Ok. So I was buying this house on land contract. We have a signed contract.. however it couldn’t be registered because owner owes several years of back taxes. Owner lived out of state. Suddenly they called me up and said they want the house back and they are moving back to town. So they either wanted the house... show more

Sublease: Splitting the Rent Form?

16 answers · 2 days ago
I'm a college student who has secured a sublease housing for the summer at an apartment. The original leaser has a year long lease but won't be in the apartment over the summer and was looking for someone to offset the rent. The total rent is about $800 to the landlord but me and the leaser have made an... show more

Let say you had a friend who work at county water department. A friend told you that the whole house in town will find out there's dangerous chemical inside water from factory hazard dumps and the whole town homes will drop in value. Next you sell your house to get money before value drop. So is that illegal?... show more

Shadey landlord ?

14 answers · 3 hours ago
Ok so my husaband and I are first time renters in Maryland and we decided to rent a four bedroom 2.5 bathroom from this man we met who works on houses he told us that his friend is the one who owns the house and that he would tell him that he found someone who was interested in the home. Long story short the guy... show more

This is a 2 bedroom 2 bath for $249,000 at 1,100 Sq ft. The down payment would be $49,800. (That info i got from My fiancé and I make $17.50 an hour for a 40 hour work week (same job differebt departments) but its bumping up to $18 in April. Can work up to 60 hours a week if their is overtime and we... show more

I rent with a friend and his mother. His mother owns the trailer I live in, which I was paying rent to until I lost my job, and she stated that she is fine with me not paying rent as I help out in other ways. Her dad—my friends grandfather—however, owns the property the trailer is located on. He will not kick his... show more

We've found an old used granite piece, perfect size for laundry room countertop. Is it wise to use that old granite when remodeling the laundry room instead of new Formica top ?

The pond is entirely on my property and nothing in the deed allows anyone access except me. The developer and I went to court when they tried to modify my deed and they lost. So the HOA board made it a rule that all bodies of water must be open for use by all members. My home is the only one impacted by this... show more

Average family income is $118K Average household income is $104K Everyone attends college, most want advanced degrees No crime No babies out of wedlock

I’m 28 years old do not have a very high income but my credit is continuing to go up since I have been repairing it. My disabled grandmother and I will be moving together this summer but I am not wanting to pay $1200+ in rent a month when buying a home it could be half that. Please let me know the first steps I... show more

Why has there got to be stupid zoning laws!?

My other half is a Coach bus driver and has been with his company for 7 years. He makes a decent wage there, but there are no real benefits or room for growth. They work him 120 hours a week and don t even pay over-time (they found some loop hole that allows them to legally do this). He wants to work as a public... show more

Can I change carpet, rental?

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Me and my partner wants to go grey (as grey goes with any colour) it's a horrible brown colour. But a we lived here 5 years april. And at the first year we had our ceiling coming down by our door due to weather damage and lots of water. But besides that when we had the builders rerendering the outside they had... show more