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Hi. I am just a little curious about this. Between the 1970's and the 1990's VCRs and CHS were in far more popular use. Last time I ever heard of VCRs and VHS still being used was in the early 2000's. They were still being used around this time when DVRs and DVDs and Blue Ray were introduced. Of... show more

We recorded an orchestra (separate microphones each instrument) with an RCF m18. The session was perfect, but after we recorded the song, we noticed that the microphones were muted (from the mixer). Can the data be saved in post? Can we do something besides organizing a new recording session?

Best answer: dont have alot of experience, but i got a chest type Frigidaire that opens from the top .. its about 3'X3' and 2' front to back .. holds alot of stuff and it didnt cost much, cant remember how much right off .. works good though and holds alot .. only issue is about once a year it needs to be emptied... show more

What are air pods?

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Best answer: Megaphone.

The wiring in my oven light burned out and calling maintenance is a ***** so instead I just bought some portable light bulbs to stick above the oven and use that instead. I usually keep the oven light on all day until i go to bed. But the bulbs run on AAA's never used batteries all day like that. Will they... show more

Will robots take over?

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Best answer: no, humans control them

Best answer: They must be overendowed.

Buzz from guitar?

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My electric guitar has some annoying buzz that i have just noticed. When i touch bridge, knobs, or jack socket it stops. I don't understand anything in electronics, what should i do ?

New generation?

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Do you think children and teens of today can learn how to use a VCR? I belong to the new generation since I was born in 1997 and my mom gifted me my first VCR and VHS tapes when I was 8. I seemed to learn pretty fast its functions and operations and even today I can operate it just fine without any help, even... show more

I saw a video on YouTube about it

I was told that a special ID ring or bracelet is being developed that is designed to eliminate the need to carry cards in a wallet.This device is to have your drivers permit,credit /debit cards and all other forms of ID digitally stored and available to be used in the same way.Is there any truth to this?

Why the 9V battery was getting hot?

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i made a project when i was small . I connected a 9v battery to a small bulb which glows yellow and connected it to a big anchor switch.The battery was getting hot and when i tried to show the project , the battery was too hot and the bulb did not light up . I tried cutting the connection and when showing project... show more

My warehouse is 6.2 miles from my friends house, the walkie have a 28m range.i want to increase the range how.give me real answers not jokes

£5000 for a brand new one.