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Popeyes fried chicken. I swear, there's never ever a time where I eat it, and don't need to take a number 2 afterwards. It always happen. Why? Doesn't matter what I've eaten that day. I always have to use the restroom afterwards, like 30 minutes after eatitng.

Atheists. would you like some popcorn with your whine?

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I ate at a restaurant yesterday and today while I was checking my bank account, I saw that the waiter had changed the tip amount to give herself a larger tip the night originally giving her. What should I do about this?

Best answer: They did. It's called 50 Shades of Grey and Captain America. Thor. Batman. Superman. Ant Man. Guardians of the Galaxy. Wonder Woman. Stop being selfish.

I'm going to McDonalds, do you want anything?

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Don't worry it's all on me.

Liquid sandwich?

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Best answer: I think if you put all the parts seapartely in a blender, then put them in the glass layered, like a Tequila Sunrise. So the fist sip is the bread, then the next is liqiufied pickle, then nex tsip is liquid mayonaise, then the next sip is liquid beef. then liquid cheese,

Is everyone that works at Greggs called Greg?

8 answers · Bristol · 1 day ago
Best answer: YES!! I was wondering this too as the the three times i ve ever been I was served by a Greg!!!

Are McDonald's French Fries Really the Best?

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Best answer: Depends if you like fresh baked potatoes or potato with extra beef oil... Either way French fries always taste good cooked fresh

Best answer: It is now time for you to take care of your neighbor's needs. Part of her being critical could be from the illness. Don't take it personally. I'm sure she is dealing with a lot and that is a coping mechanism for her.

Is it a Big WHopper? A Mac Whopper?

Every question I ask about Captain Marvel is negative because there's nothing positive to say about that movie (except for the cat). Despite the fact that I put the questions in Movies every time I check to see if someone has answered them I find them in Abuse and Spam. Why? Why are people so desperate to... show more

McDonald’s undisclosed death?

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Best answer: Half mast is a symbol of "death", maybe it is a warning, "don't eat here".

What's your favorite food at Taco Bell?

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Best answer: Regular, cheap, hard shell taco.

What is a grilled McMuffin at McDonald’s?

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Best answer: Wasn't that clip on the tv show "When Atheists Attack?"

Should I kill my dad or my uncle?

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