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Best answer: 40 hours a week and up

The sentence is: "I put my ardor into my entry-level job, in which I could effortlessly succeed in" I'm just making sure the word ardor makes sense in the sentence, thanks

Best answer: Some college sports programs are money-makers for the school -- mostly football and basketball. But the sports programs keep the alumni connected to the school and the alumni are a primary source of donated money for dorms, classroom buildings and scholarships.

I haven't even read the book yet. How long will it take to read 430 pages?

Can't students just eat before or after class? If they are extremely hungry, eat outside of lecture and then come back in as soon as they're finished. Why are professors totally okay with students eating kettle chips while they're giving a lecture?

I was always curious about this, are colleges, generally, more concerned about letter grade and gpa? Otherwise, are they more concerned about your contributions to the school, society, and your overall SAT score? For example, I have mostly B’s and a C, but do field hockey and lacrosse, community service, French... show more

Best answer: A college degree does not guarantee a job or income. But lack of college education or vocational training past high school graduation generally guarantees a severe lack of opportunities, and high probability of no job and no income.

Best answer: the contacts you can make in college can be (and often are in ivy league colleges) more important than the subjects you take or the grades you get So "money" is in effect "buying" them a higher paid job than their intelligence warrants Its also keeping those WITH the intelligence but no the... show more