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A 12 year old student in my class was passing notes with her friend for at least an hour in class and not doing her work. When I catched her I told her to do her work. But she just sat looking at the work and didn't do it. Then a few minutes later she continued passing notes. I don't know if I should call... show more

Last year I had a french teacher who was extremely talented at learning languages, so if you struggled in his class, he wouldn’t put it down to you having trouble with the subject, he’d just assume you were lazy and weren’t trying hard enough. French wasn’t my strongest point, so I struggled with the class a a... show more

I’m literally going to have to pay to retake this course... this year has been stressful enough, and today I flunked the final exam by 25 points... all I need is 5 points to pass the class. What should I do? I understand that professors are doing their jobs and all, but I don’t see the big deal in giving me 5... show more

Best answer: get him a cool cup or shirt or anything really and just label it "nothing" lol

Please be honest. Teacher: All my classes were awesome. And now BREAK TIME!! Me: You deserve it! You do so much! Unfortunately, in this country teachers are underpaid and unappreciated. The amount of work and dedication passionate you put in to your students and their future should never go unnoticed, but it... show more

i have bpd and the teacher knows i have a disability. What should I do? I don't want to do my assignments and I suck at presenting, the teacher is making us present without reading.

It's as if somebody has spread a terrible rumor about me. MAYBE they are just bored, but they also LOOK perturbed with me. I'm a good and fairly interesting teacher. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

Why was he just looking at me?

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Best answer: Why not he was just acknowledging you After doing something more feared that death Public speaking. Very best wishes for your happiness Mars Source:) Study Informal.

My professor makes us submit our papers to this plagiarism detection program. My paper showed that 2 students from other colleges used the same quotes. I cited all my information correctly and i even provided her a copy of the book highlighting the quotes that I used. She told me that I could still get in trouble... show more

In my school, teachers use the students’ bathroom EVEN THOUGH they have they’re own bathrooms that we aren’t allowed to use. As a middle schooler, and us kids developing and getting older, I feel like it’s an invasion of our privacy.

How to reason with my teacher?

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My teacher gave me detention for turning an assignment in a day late. How can I reason my way out of it?

I always dread this one class?

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i take a french II class (i’m in 9th grade) and for the past week or so i’ve been literally crying in class because i don’t get it and non of my friends are in the class. i skipped last class because i didn’t wanna cry in class. the environment just makes me annoyed and i wanna leave class right when i walk in. i... show more

My teacher said I smell bad?

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Best answer: Take a bath and wear Chanel tomorrow, see what happens