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Love. What to do?

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So, I am 20 years old, a software developer in training. Very active in the online world. Play video games next to my work. But a few months ago I happen to meet this woman. Her name ill keep anon. But. The more I talked to her the more I got attached. She felt the same way. Sorta. She's a bit skeptical about... show more

Best answer: Diploma. Thought it was a big deal but not really

Best answer: Jesus and creationism are beliefs without a foundation of proof. Evolution is a science with sufficient proof to establish it as fact. Fairly simple idea, really.

A week ago somebody left a nasty note on the teachers desk. I don't even know what it was meant to say exactly, just that it was about how awful etc. the teacher was. Our head of year got involved and for some daft reason thought the best way to determine who had wrote it was to make us get our books one at a... show more

Best answer: Understanding history and learning the Truth is very important and essential as regards being able to logically deal with such problems as the Palestinian issue. To truly understand you MUST go Way back in history to earlier than 600 BCE to begin to get the full history of the issues involved. Even check out... show more

Best answer: If it's a public school, nothing much happens. The unions won't let them fire the bad teachers or close the schools down. And the teachers they hire are poor because good teachers won't apply for jobs with schools having bad reputations. It's a never-ending cycle. If it's a private school,... show more

Should I go to school?

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I’ve missed many days of school in the past week and I’ve been warned not to miss school anymore by my teacher. It was fine with me. Today, I woke up after falling asleep early the day before, then I realize I have a test that is FORTY PERCENT of my final grade. I don’t know if I should go and fail the test or... show more

Hello there, Ever since I’d say about October, I decided to go by middle name, because I find it to sound more intellectual and professional. It just overall sounds better as well. My Spanish teacher however for an unknown reason appears to decline this. I have never approached her and told her about it. I began... show more

he called me “striking”during an audition I had for his show. But whenever we have to talk he always stands like 2 inches from my face even if i back up, and every time he sees me now he's gotten into this habit of touching my arm constantly, even if I'm just walking past him. The thing that makes me the... show more

Best answer: Companies often are not looking for someone who does the current job well. They're looking for someone with potential for growth- and a college degree shows the ability to learn. It is, of course, always possible for the long-term employee to go back to school and get a degree. Many people do it.

Best answer: " I sure picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue. "

What can the school do?

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Best answer: They shouldn’t suspend you for that.

Hello. I live in the UK. In the UK I have really important exams called GCSEs that are coming up in 69 days. Im passionate about my education and I do want the absolute best grades possible. But my friends are horrific influences. I really want to help them because I love them and these qualifications stay with us... show more