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I'm not attending the funeral. I'll pair the jeans with a nice sweater and boots. Is this acceptable?

Do diamond studs look good on guys?

15 answers · 21 hours ago
I'm really considering on getting diamond studs but I'm still not sure? Would it make a big difference on someone or at the end of they day would it not matter?

Best answer: Go for it his body his choice stretched ears are quiet common nowadays,as long as he knows the pros and cons and is ok with that why not.

Best answer: You wear whatever the heck you want girl! Don’t let anyone give you crap for it if you like it. Be prepared if you’re going to a dance there’s a high chance you’ll be taller than most if not all of the boys. But I say if you like them and feel confident in them then wear! If you’ve seen the movie Big Hero 6 there’s... show more

Best answer: I agree. I find it MORE comfortable to wear them. And knobby mottled sprouty pale bony legs look better with the nylon illusion.

Do you like this jacket?

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How to ask Mom for a bra?

8 answers · 1 day ago
I just have little CAMI bra's, because they were my sisters hammy downs. But now it's a little painful to wear them, anything they touch hurts a lot! Some things are starting to show, so i need a bra. But I don't know how to ask for one, I'm too embarrassed... Does anyone know what I should do?

Are bikinis comfortable?

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Best answer: Both look fine and I myself wouldn't hesitate to wear the blazer with either skirt. I would probably pair it with almost every color skirt I have. The taupe is a true neutral color and will go with everything. You don't want to "match" colors -that's old fashioned thinking and limits your... show more

It’s all right there^

What is a padded bra.?

19 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: It means a bra that has padding in the cups, so when you wear it under your clothes, your breasts look larger than they are.