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She is an assistant manager at another store location, she has kids with my Co worker, my Co worker and I had attempt to just go to lunch, we were both in the car, when she came out of nowhere and spoke and insulted me,then hit me through the car window. Multiple of my other Co workers had seen what happened. Since... show more

Did mammoths really exist?

6 answers · Hyderabad · 1 day ago
i think they are just elephants that scientists glued hair on

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Fresh cows milk supplier?

6 answers · Other - India · 5 days ago

When can I buy cracke in New York City?

5 answers · New York City · 6 days ago

If no how can I report them? Chicago area. Average cost for a slice is $5.50

What’s is like to live in Atlanta ?

3 answers · Atlanta · 1 week ago

Best answer: Georgia Tech Acme Training School.

Best answer: Yes as it saves having to work around office workers

Packers and movers in mumbai?

11 answers · Mumbai · 3 weeks ago

Hello there. Please HELP. I am so terrified. He said he'll call the cops to take me out of the house. And he's asking for my keys now. He lives in the same house. I have no where to go.

Can I bring a client of mine to another agency if I get a new job?

3 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 4 weeks ago
As a real estate agent, I currently have a client at firm A. I, however, am transferring to a new job at firm B (completely different firm). Can I take my client with me? Or does that client stay with firm A?

How long is the movie?

2 answers · Dunedin · 4 weeks ago