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Best answer: There are pros and cons to the various video devices. SMARTPHONES: Pro: One device for pretty much everything from phone, to camera, to video camera, to calculator to audio recorder, etc... Cons: While it does a lot of things, it doesn't do any of them well. Video is poor in low light which is being kind. ... show more

I m looking for a decent but not too expensive camera to basically do my own pictures with. I want to use a back drop etc to try and make it look professional.

Best answer: First, check the condition of the batteries. Next, make sure that you inserted them correctly into the camera. It's a common mistake to put batteries in backwards. Next, while you're checking your batteries, check the condition of the battery contacts. They must be free of any white or green gunk that... show more

I am very much a beginner at photography! So this is probably a really stupid question but-how on earth do I turn off the flash on this camera?? I’ve played around with the options and no matter what, unless the natural lighting is really really bright, the flash will decide to go off and it’s driving me nuts... show more

Hello! I’m just starting to take pictures and I’m interested In getting a professional camera. My budget is about $350. I want one that is user-friendly, and simple. My main goal is to start taking good pictures of my family, my dog, and my fiancé and I. What are my options for a good affordable camera?

Why is my car doing this?

Best answer: If using a DSLR is the only requirement it's very unlikely anyone will be able to tell the difference - assuming the EXIF data have been removed. But why is it mandatory to use a DSLR in the first place? Are you expected to use any specific settings, focal lengths or whatever? I'm guessing you'll be... show more