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Do we really need faster PCs?

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Check it out. I've got a 5 year old Desktop PC. It's got an i5-3rd Gen Quad Core CPU in it and 8 GB of memory. Well I was just playing an HD Youtube video in one window and surfing the web and typing Q&A, and my CPU never exceeded 20 percent use. Most of the time it was less than 10 percent. My RAM... show more

Can Dell 2 in 1s ranging from 1k+++ USD run pc games easily?

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So I was just casually browsing the web and later when I open one of my folders, my computer suddenly died and now it won't turn on, i tried resetting it but nothing happened. I'm grateful for those who tried to help :)

Which is better? desktop or laptop?

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What files are kept when you factory reset your laptop?

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When you want to keep your files for the reset, does it include all the files that are created with Powerpoint, Word, etc...? And the files that have been downloaded ?

also i cant get it to boot from the DVD drive. ive been into setup but couldnt see any boot options.

Why Can't i find music files on my lap-top?

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i have a lot of music files on my lap top and know where they all are. However, I also have a huge batch which i cannot seem to locate. Ok, its partly my own fault, because i *did* manage to locate them all a while back, twice no less, but not being very savvy tech wise, or wise full stopi forgot how i had located... show more

How can put my laptop and my printer together?

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New laptop won't turn on?

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So I bought a new laptop about a week ago and it won't turn on. O haven't dropped it or anything, so what could be the problem?

Am I going to get cancer if I put my Laptop on my lap?

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Can this ancient laptop run windows 10?

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Intel core 2 Duo T7300, 2 GHz 2 GB Ram Via chrome graphics Currently Win 7 32 bit If not, can I still continue using win 7 after the support has ended in 2020?

Can I print with just black ink?

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