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Best answer: Nobody is Going to Help you Break the Law Hacking into Someones Account no matter what the Reason is Is Illegal Not to Mention Very Wrong if someone Blocked you Trying to Remove your Self from the Block List on there Account can be Considered Harassment


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Is facebook down for maintenance?

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Best answer: Technically, it’s not illegal unless it’s in the websites terms and conditions. If you’re not impersonating someone, using it to threaten or harm someone, and only use it as a surname, then it’s not illegal. I have a “main” Instagram account and an additional one without my real name. Also, if the reason you’re not... show more

Where is Dutch?

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Best answer: Dutch is Germanic speaking countries of which the Netherlands is one of.

Firefox opens but the fonts are displayed like Chinese signs?

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What's up with Facebook today?

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Or is it just mine?

I am so scared. Is Facebook ever gonna come back?

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I am in total panic and I am about to have a major panic attack and could end up in the hospital because I am so scared that I may have lost all of my data on Facebook. Does anybody know what number to call? I hope the site comes back before I get a heart attack!!! So scared.

Best answer: A term for a feminine gay guy she used as a slur

I think someone used my Facebook account?

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I had more new friends but the notifications didn't show up.

I can't get on face book? why?

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Why are Instagram and Facebook down?

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Which youtubers have you been watching lately?

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Best answer: PewDiePie. Just PewDiePie.