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Best answer: A "zip" file is a compressed archive. You need to extract whatever is held within the file. Hopefully those contents are already a .mp3 file!

I reset my pc, and now im in a boot loop, and windows is installing and it's stuck at 64 percent?

How to make Windows Vista better?

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I am trying to move a bunch of images from folder to folder to organize them. But when I select a few to move, my computer sometimes makes copies of them automatically. How do I get it to stop doing that - I just have to find and delete them afterwards!

How do i use windows?

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How to make Windows XP better?

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How to make Windows 95 better?

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My mother’s friend had someone uninstall internet explorer from her windows 7 (64 bit) laptop and somehow had it blocked from being installed. Here’s what I’v tried, -I ran the installer for IE (64 bit) -Went to “Program and Features” to see if it was on (it was) -Checked windows firewall and Bitdefender It... show more