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Computer water damage fix?

11 answers · 4 days ago
So about halfish of my Mac fell into water. I set it into a bag of rice for about 3 days, then charged it. Now the light lights up like it is charging, but when I go to turn the computer on it doesn’t turn on. How should I go about fixing this problem?

Best answer: It would not hurt to let it get up to room temperature before you power it up. Not a bad idea to take the cover off and blow / vacuum out some of the dust, as well.

Best answer: So, when you say "black screen", does the Alienware boot menu ever pop up? There are 2 issues that could have happened, one hardware wise, one software wise. Any time your boot up your PC, it will go through a "Power On Self Test" aka POST. This loads stuff up on the hardware level and will... show more

Computer brike?

1 answer · 7 days ago

Best answer: YES take better care of your septic system ! the machines will rise against you if you treat them bad

Best answer: No they won't play ball. What you can do is join Freecycle and ask for old computers and parts. There will be many people about to throw out their old machines. Freecycle is easy to join in the UK and US.

My mom has a old computer (Windows 7) and she has a problem with the ubs ports. About once a week she has to move the usb wifi adapter, and she kept having problems with the scanner. Yesterday I tried to move the usb cable for the printer/scanner to another port, and it worked, for s while. The scanner seems to... show more

How do you find hidden cameras?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: All electronic devices produce an electrical field. Often times electrical devices don't mesh with other electronic devices. That's why the FCC gets involved in the selling of all electrical devices in the U.S. They also produce heat. IR cameras will detect the heat. Interference with a portable radio or... show more

Best answer: Depends what you do. If you manage databases, you're a DBA (Database Analyst or Admin). If you deal with software on a PC level, then a Systems Admin. If you run network cable and deal with the backbone, you're a Network Admin. It's all based on the work.

I do this all the time. What are the changes of getting a virus?

I was resetting my pc and I realized I still had a disc in it so I turned it off and took it out and I turned my computer back on and let it run for the night but not it’s just shows a black screen on the monitor.. I know this is probably really stupid what I did but I don’t know what to do now.

people learned how to write the capital (eye). Especially to avoid confusion whether it is an (eye) or an (ell). Words such as ill or illinois, if capitalized, look like Ill or Illinois. Yuck. To computer keyboard makers, can you and when will can you change this? It is awful as it is.

Best answer: Get rid of it. Here's why: Echo defaults to constantly listening to all speech, all the time. Now: how much information about yourself do you want to give away? Because that's what an Echo is, it is an information funnel that you are being encouraged to install and let it do its thing. Yes, Amazon... show more

Best answer: Yes DVDs play on Blueray players anyway. I have about 3000 music CDs and still have about 4 or 5 personal CD players the batteries are the more difficult thing to find especially those Sons rectangular ones. Still get them but they are creeping up in price. All my music is burned in iTunes to Apple Lossless and... show more

Every now and then, she ask me to print something for her. She thinks that copying a link and pasting it into her email and sending to me will work but it doesn't. I would get links that would look like this and she don't understand why it doesn't work when she can open it through her... show more