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Was just thinking of all the bikes I've owned over the years, thought about asking others. Here's my list- Started by riding on the back of my uncle's HD at 9 yo. Rebuilt a home-made dirt-scoot with a B&S engine at 13. First new bike- Honda Super 90. A Greeves 360 Challenger (fun bike). A... show more

I see wayyyy to many youtube videos of bikers splitting lanes in traffict and then when someone merges they break a mirror and start road raging. Why are some like that?

3m tape, or clips, or something else

Best answer: Hi so the clutch cable needs some adjustment as the clutch cables do stretch over time.

quick question. i changed my oil 10 weeks before i stored it. put about 900 miles on the oil color looks decent through the window. bikes been chilling in the basement room temperature. do i really need to change it before riding. serious question. i know on manual says once every 12 months but idk i hear things... show more

Best answer: I made my own cruise control for Goldwing and put a similar one on Suzi 650. hose clamp and a L bracket from hardware store, position short arm of L bracket close to inside, long arm pointing inward but slight up angle so whhen resting wrist on top the throttle is turned about 1/4 open, cruise is about 50 to 70-... show more

Best answer: Fine for urine not so good for solids.

I m trying to decide which to buy between the Honda Vision 110 or Yamaha D elight 125... I ve sat on both bikes. I ve found the Yamaha to be more comfortable to sit on, and has more storage space under the seat, but the Honda apparently does more mpg, and I slightly prefer it style-wise. Which would you choose?

Carburetor diaphragm needle?

6 answers · 7 days ago
My carburetor does not run right despite having opened it up and cleaned/synched it. It is a Kawasaki EX250 (motorcycle) carb, twin unit, and there are needles coming from the diaphragm that guide the slides. On one of the carb bodies, there is a small brass fitting that the tip of this needle goes into (it sits... show more

It is a 2008 with 6300+ miles. I have it serviced every year, and it has never had any major issues.

Abandoned Motorcycle?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago
What should I do about an abandoned motorcycle. Has currently been on our property for over 2 years and owner won't respond. Would be nice to be able to get a title if you know how. If not, other options please. Thank you!

Knowing that I don’t track my motorcycle, and have no intention to,and this will be my second bike I ever owned , This bike will only be for occasional riding , since I drive my car everywhere , ( and I am well aware of the HP numbers about 125 hp for the Z900 , 73 tourque, and the gxsr is 149Hp and 84 tourque)... show more

When I move does my endorsement continue continue in another state or do I need to retest or go back to school. Thank you!