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161 golfing trips @ $91,000,000 to taxpayers. So the Orange Tiger Woods has already golfed more in past 2 years than Obama did in 8 years!

It was all a huge mistake, I swear to God. I thought I was reading the Bible, but it wasn't until after I finished reading it that I realized it was Richard Dawkins anti-God propaganda bok. I don't know how I didn't notice it when I picked up the book, or when I was reading it, but I swear to God I... show more

The both circle around the world, how come they haven't collided yet?

I'm not talking about winning the lottery, I'm talking about if you just have millions of dollars from before you even joined?

What happened to yesterday?

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Where did it go?

Best answer: About 3-4 at night.

Best answer: Lefties are the fascists and the anarchists.

Leave it to the media to try and implicate the USA and Trump into an act by an aussie in NZ who was inspired by a Norwegian.

Best answer: That's another kind of troll. They'll accuse others of trolling or being a known troll to try and piss off the poster. This sites full of trolls.

Here are some signs I noticed... his eyeballs sometimes turn red he sometimes has a deep voice laugh. I mean really deep his teeth look green he keeps telling me to sign stuff w/out reading it. He says I am "selling my soul to the devil," but they laughs and says, "Oh, just kidding!

I just sent the Southern Poverty Law Center the info. Chicago should be listed as a terrorist group in a few hours here.

Many college students live here. Have I been robbed or did a poor starving student just eat them

Do I look 'evil'?

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Best answer: The eyes do have some dark something vibes, as for the general stare, you're normal, gay idiot!

Personally I find it disgusting just put them in a cell.

Best answer: Potatoes must be communism in a skin,then.