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Best answer: Just look at the human condition on planet earth. The great divide between the rich/poor, wars, mental illness, healthcare, jobless, homeless, education, divorce, suicides, murder, global warming, water and air pollution and so on. These conditions are happening right here on our home planet. Something as... show more

Is astrology real?

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Why are Scorpio men so mysterious?

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Best answer: Why was the op's best answer deleted? These are honest opinions that shouldn't be deleted just because one person cannot deal with the answer. I also agreed with that member's opinion, they were being very truthful. It still shows on my phone, not re loaded, milin said: No reason to go anonymous on... show more

Best answer: THE BEST

Are Geminis that bad!?

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Best answer: My mother is a Gemini and she is such a sweet, strong person

It’s so annoying as an air sign. Can’t stand it, it’s like “your this your that” why are they such know it alls? There are different sides to people you obviously don’t see.

Sent here by the Gods to help shift the energy on earth. Especially with Antares conjunct MC which is more than possible with this combo.

Best answer: these excrements aren't human and even animals are a million times better. they are the scum at the bottom most place in filthy sewers..a disease of the zodiac.. something that should be exterminated at all costs. no Pisces should be allowed to live..waste of parents and taxpayers money

Best answer: Aquarius

Best answer: I agree with anyonymous 😂 I am an air sign and we can be pretty dumb sometimes. But give us a second chance and alot of the time you wont regret it! (Some wont change tho ):

Why are virgo people so moody?

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Best answer: Some are and some aren’t.

What is your moon sign?

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I am Aquarius Ascendant my Rulers Uranus and Saturn are both in Sagittarius conjunct. People say I come across as happy all the time outgoing and more recently as Jupiter is conjuncting this right now angry or agressive etc but none of how I am actually feeling am I able to portray to people. The way i come across... show more

Best answer: Scorpio Mars. Or Mars in a strong close aspect to Pluto. This is not all bad and could be used for good or very good purposes but in today's world most people don't focus on meditation to calm anger or focusing it on a real problem or improving themselves so it might manifest like you said.