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Best answer: It is not a matter of strength. The problem with the MCAS system is that it was initially claimed to have an authority to change the tail setting by 0.6 degree; but that was increased to 2.5 degree later without changing the class of the system failure. With 0.6 degree "wrongful input", this is something... show more

Currently studying The Black Box (aviation) for a school (assessed) case study (due tomorrow) Also, who interacts with it? I understand that the pilot and co-pilot, cockpit, crew etc are recorded, and weather etc are sent through from the ground, but who sets it up? are there instructions? Would really appreciate... show more

nasa is researching how to minimize sonic booms over the continental u.s. so lockheed can sell it's new x59 commercial supersonic transport to airlines for cross country flights. it seems rather late for that. the british already accomplished commercial supersonic flight 50 years ago with their concorde, but... show more this talk show host from Kenya says so. what do plane experts think. she said it's suspicious brand new planes can just crash

Best answer: Actually no. The US got technical info that showed the last crash to having followed a pattern that was suspiciously close to the previous one on Monday. They sat on it. Canada interdependently got that information on Wednesday and within hours, had ordered all 737MAX be grounded. Then, AFTER Canada had done so,... show more

worked when a plane has to land in a body of water. US Airways Flight 1549 on 1/15/09 was struck a flock of geese & lost all engine power. Unable to reach any airport, the pilots glided the plane to a ditching in the Hudson River. All 155 people aboard survived... show more

Most of aircraft accidents result in near nil survivors. With an eject-able passenger pod that can be ejected safely from the aircraft then parachute to safety to ground/sea, I believe survival rate can increase dramatically though it may add onto the weight of the aircraft. Instead of using parachutes, another... show more

I'm concerned after recent events with the Max 8's. Is it just the Max 8 planes that use this questionable technology that causes the planes to dip? Are the 737-800 planes safe for travelling?

Both the US and Ethiopian Boeing 737 Max planes had problems where both planes did a nose down as a result of the auto-pilot, except the US one didn’t crash to the ground. How is it possible that planes from the same make and model have problems within the same month?

Best answer: No. There are many aircraft types that have never been involved in a fatal accident that have been flying for many more years and in greater numbers than the 737 Max 8. Keep in mind that the 737 Max 8 is an almost completely different airplane than previous versions of the 737. Boeing 777 Boeing 717 Airbus... show more

Best answer: YES !! Can't fly commercially though.

Best answer: It is a fact that an investigator should make no assumptions and take nothing for granted.

How many 737 Max 8 aircraft exist?

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Best answer: The Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) is a new feature on the 737MAX family. It appears that the pilots transitioning the MAX from the NG were not properly trained in the workings of this system and its interaction with other flight control systems, primarily Angle of Attack sensors and air... show more

Best answer: I wouldn't fly on one. One crash is understandable, two makes it look like the plane has something wrong with it.