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My parents think that the money spent on a well-ranked college abroad is not worth it, and want me to study in my own country where its college ranks are the lowest in the world! I care about the quality of education where they care about the costs! I get that colleges are pretty expensive but that s what... show more

I know some of the EU countries (e.g. Denmark, Germany, etc.) offer free college but I can t find a single place where I could study psychology MA. I m gonna get my BA diploma pretty soon and currently looking for master programmes with free colloge, but can t find any.

Hi everyone. It is possible to attend an Advanced emergency medical technician program, and get an internship in USA, as an international student?

I'm a student but I'm not currently enjoying university life but find my course interesting, showing a real passion for it. I'm currently studying English Literature but I want an opportunity to work in the states, preferably something that is involved towards a more creative direction, such as english,... show more

Should I study abroad?

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Best answer: First, what do you want to study? Have you checked university rankings to determine where you would get the best education in your intended field of study? google-search university rankings. As for the money, can your parents afford it? Weigh the advantages of studying internationally, broadening your horizons,... show more

I'll be a sophomore and will have been studying French for 4 years. I'll probably go somewhere in Nice. Anyone have any experiences?

I want to study in Europe?

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I’m 24 from South Asia and it is my dream to study in Europe. I want to complete my undergraduate studies and want to live there. How much money do I need to study there? In any developed European country. I want to do business courses like BBA in finance. how much money or everything, please tell me, I m 24 and... show more

Hello, I have an education loan from Bank of India. I am studying Master of Science in Embedded Systems Engineering from the University of Freiburg in Germany. Now, I am in the 5th semester and unfortunately, I still need at least a year to finish my studies. As you all know that Master's study usually lasts... show more

I have very high anxiety, I know this for a fact, however I can be teated because therapy and doctors cost a lot of money that I cant afford since I am a univeristy student who is saving up for rent and textbooks, im trying to get away from my family because they cause my anxiety to get worse and worse, all my... show more

Best answer: US values broadly based education. And science & math crop up in a lot of non-obvious ways in a lot of fields. Yes, you are required to complete distribution or general education courses. Each school sets their own specific requirements, but expect to need courses in sciences, math, social sciences, English,... show more

Best answer: Students get a degree in what they're good at or what they're interested in.

Best answer: Our NHS does not pay for it. You have to go private.

I m 24 from Asia, I was not good I mean I was below average since when I was a kid and my performance was just average in school, and I m now a college drop out, my parents aren't rich either, not supportive enough, like other kids from my country who go to study in those countries, there are factors... show more

Can I ask you a personal question?

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Best answer: The answer is between numbers 6 and 7. It's probably close to something like 6.1.

I am currently looking into studying abroad for a year or semester in high school. What would be the best countries to do that in? Are there any places I should try to avoid when studying abroad?