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Why do so many people hate me here?

55 answers · 20 hours ago

Why? :) Thanks for your answer.

Me: My favorite day is Friday!

What are you addicted to?

69 answers · 2 days ago

Whats your favourite fast food?

40 answers · 23 hours ago

What is beautiful in the world?

41 answers · 2 days ago
What makes the world beautiful to you

Do you have black Jeans?

180 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: No. I only have one pair of "momma" jeans... Having knock-knees I just wouldn't be able to pull off the skinny jeans look that seems so popular nowadays. I had to special-order them, too, since my legs are so short... but at least I'm a fast, agile runner that can cause a defender to over-commit. show more

📝 Poll: Is your writing sloppy?

26 answers · 1 day ago

What are you protective of?

39 answers · 2 days ago

Is there any foods you don’t like?

19 answers · 23 hours ago
I’m allergic to strawberries, they make me red & itchy. But I love them so I eat them anyway. Avocados seem to be really trendy right now for some reason. Avocado toast, avocados with siracha blah blah blah. I like them but I think they’re overrated. I don’t like tuna. But I HATE clams. Blech.