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First name ideas for my characters?

4 answers · Restaurants · 2 weeks ago
Prep(not prepatory): Self-obsessed, shallow, and wear prep clothes. Listen to mainstream. Girl preps are always on the cell phone. Boy preps are gay. Rich kids. Teenybopper: 10-14 yr. old girls. Like makeup, Justin Bieber, Twilight crap. Try to keep up with popular fads. Most evolve into preps or sluts. Poser:... show more

Why are women so disloyal?

5 answers · Gender Studies · 1 year ago
Disloyal to their men, their tribe, their country,even God himself. Women are always in a state of rebellion, always ready to stab their own people in the back in order to obtain power, unable to resist the temptation to sacrifice their own kind for selfish gain, unable to maintain integrity & stick to... show more

Best answer: Poor spider and poor you. If I were you then I wouldn't eat the spaghetti.


5 answers · Restaurants · 2 years ago
I really want to get married one day... But i have tried using tampons before when i was about 12 not knowing that i shouldn't use them until after im married...I doubt that i will ever find a good muslim man that will believe my truth that im a Virgin...i make duaa ALL the time that a good muslim man will know... show more

Boy, Nightwolf is sure brave until you call him out, huh?

5 answers · Hawker Centres · 2 years ago
Best answer: He's got the sense to not call someone out on here. Oh, no he doesn't, ,,,nevermind.