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Best answer: No More like "anyone who isn't me or really close to being me."

Best answer: Because they hate themselves and hate all Americans.

Best answer: going against classic culture and societal norms is liberal and tends to fck society up .. thats why you shouldnt do things like that .... the strength of a culture or nation depends on how well its vision tends to hold onto the way things were when it was created .. change is 'not' good .. period .. proven... show more

Why don't liberals embrace their whiteness?

0 answers · Leipzig · 4 months ago
It's nothing to be ashamed of. The white race is superior to all other races. Embrace your superiority to subhumans.

Can you believe people born in the 2000 are adults?

5 answers · Dortmund · 8 months ago
The 21st century is running out of diapers, it’s eldest are 18.

What is your stance on Net Neutrality?

104 answers · Dresden · 1 year ago
This week could be a poignant moment in net neutrality. What are your beliefs?

Do we need more recruits into The Wandenreich?

7 answers · Dortmund · 1 year ago
Best answer: Well we have attempted to get more recruits but to no avail so no.

Best answer: Berenice Gabrielle's epithet is called "The Question" How it works is that she is able to question someone about themselves which weakens them maybe. Jerome Guizbatt's epithet is called "The Roar" How it works is that he creates sonic screams that cause damage.

Why are there barely any liberals in the army?

5 answers · Hamburg · 2 years ago
Best answer: Liberals believe they've already earned [birth] their rights of freedom. Dammit, they shouldn't have to fight for them too. That would put a price on freedom.